I can’t believe the summer is half over. With working full time and taking a kick arse summer course, it feels like I have barely been out of doors. My freckles are even a little pale.  I am already notoriously pale to begin with, but the freckles (from a distance) at least gave me the look that I wasn’t translucent. Now, mmm, not so much.

In some ways, I would love for the summer to be over, at least July anyhow. Then I could be finished with my class, and for two weeks have only the responsiblity of going to work. Its times like this I am glad I don’t have children. Don’t get me wrong, kids are good. I love kids, I am just not hip to the responsibility of one.

 My friends with kids are all like “Yeah but the sacrifices are worth it.” Uh huh. Remember that when the little tyke has just puked all over your shoes two minutes before you need to fly out the door to be at work on time. Ewww.

Who knows, maybe they are right. Maybe when they look up at you with a toothless grin and say “Wuv you momma” it is all worth it. I guess I just wait for the other shoe to drop. Either that or I expect a poopy diaper to be on the other end of the gooshy grin.