As an Illinois driver who lives  close to the state of Missouri, I have often heard how terrible Missouri drivers are.  I have also heard Missouri drivers say how bad Illinois drivers are. IL drivers say MO drivers are too aggressive and MO drivers think IL drivers just need to speed up or get out  of their way.

I have noticed one universal problem that inflicts not only MO and IL drivers, but drivers from all over. It is the fact that no one seems to use their blinker any more. I don’t understand this. Am I supposed to read your mind? Ha! I don’t think so.  Some days I have trouble deciphering my own mind, let alone trying to figure out what the maverick  driver in front of me is about to do next.

I have surmised the problem to be one of a few things or maybe a culmination of all of them. Let me know what you think.

1.       Forgot they had a blinker.

2.       Forgot how to use said blinker.

3.       Too lazy to use said blinker .

4.       Thinks using the blinker is optional.

5.       Blinker is broken.

6.       Afraid that too much use will cause the blinker to wear out.

7.       Too afraid to move hand off the wheel and determines that the safer thing to do is to just whip into the other lane real quick.

8.       The shortage of blinker fluid has risen higher the cost of gas and simply cannot afford to keep refilling the reservoir.

In short my P.S.A. for the day is:  Please use your blinker.

Thank you! J