My question at the moment is as simple as that. Why are people nasty? I do not understand this. Today I went to our local Borders. I was looking forward to an afternoon of browsing. I got a parking spot nice and close to the door. I was pumped. This never happens. I opened the door only to have the foulest odor waft into my car. I almost gagged. When I looked out I saw a dirty diaper on the ground. When my friend inquired about what was so nasty, I told her a diaper. She asked me if it was open, and all I could manage to say was that is smelled like it was. What irritated me even more is the fact that a mere few feet away was a waste receptacle. Why not take the extra two seconds and throw it away. I almost stepped on it, for crying out loud.

I just dont understand why people cant clean up after themselves in public.  I don’t want to step in wayward gum, diapers or spit. I am not perfect, nor the neatest person on the planet. However I know what a public trash can is for and I use it. People in their own home, I imagine, would not leave poopy diapers laying about, so why dump that stuff in public? That is just gross.