Have you ever wondered why it is that it’s only late at night that inspiration strikes? I don’t know, maybe you, the reader, isn’t a night owl like me. Maybe I am the only one who late at night has an overloaded conscious that for some reason feels the need to speak. Hmm, I highly doubt that.

I have never been what you would call a morning person. At night, or in the wee hours of the morning, I feel as “awake” as most people do at noon. Maybe “awake” isn’t the right word. It’s better than awake. It’s more intense than awake. I’m more thoughtful, contemplative, but not in a neurotic sort of way. That is unless I have had too much caffeine.

Really it’s such a shame that I can’t feel the same way at 2 in the afternoon that I feel at 2am. Maybe it doesn’t count because it isn’t dark outside, or because there is no moon. I sometimes wonder if it doesn’t go back to when I was a child, and staying up late was a taboo. Is that possible? Is it possible that people never let go of the taboos that they learned as a child?

What if it’s none of that? What if it’s not that “real”? What if it’s something more “fairytale-like”? You know something magical and mysterious? Something other than the grey dawn and the caffeine-loaded, sleep deprived headache that you have when you realize that all those hours you had are now gone, and that tomorrow really is here, and you are no further ahead in what you wanted to accomplish.

In some ways I love that feeling. That feeling of no matter how rough life seems at the moment, there is nothing that you can do to prevent the earth from spinning, and a new day occurring. The feeling that no matter what is going on, that whatever seems all consuming, wont seem as important when the dew dries.

There are things that supersede that worries of the day. Things like family and friends, who love you no matter what silly or nonsensical thing you do; people who will still care about you, and who will worry about you. No matter how many times you go and lock your keys in the car, or leave your lights on so your car battery dies, they will be there.

Moments like this make me glad there is the dawn. Too much of anything, even contemplation, can be a bad thing.