Today is just another muggy midwest day. I swear its so humid outside that after I pulled out of the driveway this morning, I could feel the sweat roll down my legs. How gross is that?

It rained for awhile here this afternoon. It didnt help the humidity much. Good thing I am indoors all afternoon studying for a mid-term!

I watched the news today and saw that Paris Hilton got out of jail today. I wish someone would please explain to me why this is news? I don’t care if Paris is in jail or out. Just as long as she isnt flinging her hoo-hah out for all the world to see.

I cant imagine rasising a daughter in today’s society. Look at the “role models” who make up todays headlines. Lindsay Lohan, Britney, Paris, Nicole, barf.  Young girl see images of these women everywhere. What happened to the concept of working hard, earning your keep and acting like a lady? Has it been replaced by fame, paparazzi, and going almost naked in public?

 On a side note, I must ask : What is up with these huge sunglasses? Do they realize it makes them look bug-eyed, or that they are covering more of their face than the rest of their body? I am just curious.