Its as simple as that folks. What mesmerizes you? What you do you look at that truly moves you? Is it the clouds? The rain? A child running in a park?

For me its the simple things in life. Mailing a letter.Watching coffee brew. Watching leaves on a tree sway in the breeze. The little things that you only notice when you stop to look. Why does that mesmerize me? Because its a reminder to me that while I am living my life, feeling hectic and stressed out, that there is another world out there. A world that doesnt conform to time restraints and demands. A world that moves at its own pace. A world that doesn’t care that the phone is ringing, e-mail is waiting, there is a meeting that you are late for, or that you forgot to wash the breakfast dishes.

 Sometimes the best way to live life, I think, is to stop living it. Take a step back. Watch the wind, see the spider spin, and to breathe in the air so deep that you get lightheaded.

 Write in and let me know what mesmerizes you. Shoot, just let me know someone reads this 🙂