Today has been a busy day. Today I had to wake up (not an easy task), get to work, and accomplish the millions of tasks on my to do list. Were there really a million things? Yes. I counted. Then I got to cross of number 512. 🙂

The fourth of July holiday extravaganza was one that I sort of missed this year. By that I mean, I didnt sit outside in the swealtering heat to swat at starving mosquitos, only to have ash fall on my head. I decided that it wasnt worth it. I stayed indoors. I watched the fireworks from my living room couch in the AC. Did I miss much? I dont think so and I saved hundreds on Benedryl, not  to mention West Nile meds.

 This weekend I also saw a fabulous movie called Once. It was wonderful! I highly recommend it. The music was insanely good!