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Today is a melancholy day. Its perfect for a cup of tea and a book, or a movie, or both. At this minute I am listening to music from Howards End. It is so beautiful, delicate and haunting.

If I were at home I would be under the most enormous blanket with a cup of hot spicy tea by my side. I would drag out every pillow and make myself totally comfortable and get lost in the magic and mist that is Howard’s End. I might even go full throttle and put in Persuasion, or the six hour A&E version of Pride and Prejudice.

 On days like this I imagine myself in London on a misty day, walking the shops and having a cup of tea. I would linger in second hand book shops and immerse myself in the scent of aged leather and pages. I would go on a hunt for my favorite authors and reread my favorite passages. There is nothing like rereading a favorite passage. Its like an old friend, who even after all of the years you have known them, has never changed.