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Two blogs in one night. In my blogging universe that qualifies as a record. This weekend I went to the symphony. It was amazing. I admit I was a grumpy little student gnome all day, but when the first few notes of music sounded. It all just melted away.

There is something special about the symphony. In real life, you can have 2 people in a room, arguing all night, but at the symphony, you can have 20 people, even if only for 90 minutes, in perfect harmony.

I also love the ritual of getting ready for the symphony. Taking a long shower, putting on the swankiest duds, fixing the hair and makeup and accessories. Doing things that in my every day life that there just isnt time to do.

While I am at the symphony, I love to close my eyes and be surrounded in the sound. To be absorbed in some of the greatest noise ever to acquaint the ear of mankind. To be enveloped in the light and dark, the booming and the delicate.

Our local symphony hall grants students major discounts, so I am able to go to a lot more concerts than I would normally. I encourage every one to look and see what offers their local hall gives. I firmly believe that everyone should go at least once in their life. It’s a life changing experience.