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I am quite fully sick and tired of people telling me I am not good enough.  What I want to know is am I so inadequate as a person that I must have a book telling me how to live my life better? Will purchasing those pills really help me to be a more dynamic person who can “get it all”.

 Frankly  I think not. Frankly I think I am just fine as I am. I know I am a good person. I try to do right by others. I try not to judge. I try and treat others as I would want to be treated, and yet according to the commercial industry that isnt good enough.

They think I am: too fat, too thin lipped, and have too many wrinkles. They think that I want to be thinner, fuller lipped and look like I am 16. For the record, I love my body, and I think its a shame they don’t. I think my lips are awesome, sans needles. Do we all really want to be 16 again? Please.  I wish America would embrace their age. So they aren’t a teenager, so they don’t have the bodies of 20 somethings, who cares?

Recently I saw an advertisement for a show for women  who want to look like a high school cheerleader again. I think that is pathetic. I don’t wish to offend anyone, but honestly, that is offensive to me. Why is it A-OK for women to go on national tv to embarrass themselves sweating and huffing and puffing to go back to an “ideal” that they surpassed years ago? Why isn’t it ok for women who have had a baby or two to have more curves? You have given life for goodness sakes, I think that makes you entitles to have thighs and a butt.

I understand that all women are not comfortable in their own skin. I feel for them. At the same time however, I am tired of commerical industry banking on women’s insecurites. So you have celuite, so what? Put your big girl panties on and deal with it. You have earned those dimples.