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I love living in the very moment in which you are breathing. Take a moment and ponder the fact that right now, at this second, you are breathing. You have life force in you. In this moment, anything could be possible.

I am looking outside and while earlier it was a bit overcast, right now its a cool 51 degrees, the sun is shining, and all in all its a gorgeous autumn day. The air is crisp and clean. Its moments like these that I relfect upon my life and the direction in which its going.

I look toward the future and I see me in my own place. Coming home each night, setting my things down kicking my shoes off, relaxing, putting on music, starting dinner, and having a glass of wine. I know that before long that goal will be a reality. To walk through my own front door, to eat from my vintage dishes, and to have each weekend to do as I please in my own space. I am sad that I can’tlive that dream now, but I tell you what, what I have pictured in my mind isnt half bad.