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This weekend I enjoyed my first every yoga session. I must say, WOW. In an e-mail that was sent to my by my dear friend L, she said that pants are a good idea for yoga as your butt is up in the air a lot. Now from this statement I took away the fact that I needed to wear pants. The part about my fanny flying high, didn’t seem to phase me. I really do need to get some more sleep now and again.

I learned about all sorts of new positons: child’s pose (hands on head derriere in the air), down dog (hands on floor, derriere in the air, and head and shoulders down), chair (arms out in front, and your rear stuck out in back), and table (down on hands and knees, rear stuck out and head up).

I really enjoyed the last bit were we relaxed and she played soft lovely music. At one point she put scented pillows on our faces and she covered us up with a blanket. It was heaven. I cant remember the last time I was that relaxed.

All in all the session was really cool. I took away some valuable lessons.

1. Don’t eat 2 hours before yoga. A full belly and being upside down is not a good plan.

2. Its all about the breathing. It was wonderful to get that much oxygen. I felt so alive, lightheaded,  but alive. 🙂

3. Getting up from the down dog position can get ROUGH!

After the yoga session, we had some brownies and wine. Then we made our way to the chocolate bar, to which we found out they didn’t have enough room to accommodate our large group. So we made our way to the wine bar next door, and it was wonderful. I have found my new favorite beer. Its franziskaner hefeweizen dunkel. Amazing! Wonderfully spicy, soothing, and rich. I highly recommend it to anyone.