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When driving carelessness can lead to death.

There was a fatal car accident near my work on Friday. A woman was killed and one of our faculty is now in a medicinally induced coma. The car accident was allegedly a result of a woman who got cut off and swerved to avoid the SUV. She was in a compact car. Her car went across the median and hit a small truck driven by one of our professors. The driver of the compact car was killed. Several others were injured, two of whom are still hospitalized.

I drive this road everyday. I drove it to work today. I am well aware of the fact that when I get behind the wheel of my car, I am now behind a deadly weapon. People today are soo darn busy trying not to be late, talking on their cell phone, eating lunch, or putting on their makeup, that they are focusing on everything else other than driving. Its a sad state of affairs folks, when making up your face is more important than being alert so that you can avoid causing a car accident.

The thought of a car accident is harsh. Death, destruction, mangled bodies, charred remains. The roof of a car gone, a vehicle in flames, and the lives inside destroyed. Think about that. Really, think about that. Are you ready to hang up the phone now?