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I haven’t written in awhile. There are a couple of reasons for that. One is the previous entry. For a long time it was hard to write in. I would see that entry and I would realize that no matter what I had to say, I knew it would be trivial in comparison. The other reason is that I have been genuinely busy. Between school and work there isn’t a lot of time to just sit and write.

I wish though I would have been blogging. There are some issues that I would like to weigh in on. One is the Presidential election. After Bush, the thought of another Republican regime makes me nauseous. So for awhile that left me with three main choices: Clinton, Obama, and Edwards. My vote was for Edwards. I have been following him for the last 4-5 years and I was a genuine believer of what he thought. I thought he had excellent policies. He was clear and upfront about the state of the country and what he wanted to do about it.

Now Edwards is not a contender. I lost some hope that day. I really did. Now my choices are down to two: Obama and Clinton. The thought of that makes me exhale big. Yes, of the two Clinton has got the experience. Yes of the two Obama has the hopeful passion of youth, and he is inspiring to a lot of minorities and young people. Clinton is more of a realist I think, but I worry about her. I think she maybe too jaded, and I worry about her universal healthcare plan. Obama, I worry, doesn’t have the experience, and I worry about his universal health care plan too. I worry about with both of them the money that they will be saving from Medicare, won’t be going back into Medicare. With Edwards, that was not the case. With any luck Edwards will agree to sign on with one of them and then it will be clearer for me as to whom I need to vote for.

Ok, off the heavy topic for the day! One can only brood about politics for so long.