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So its not really a two post night, the other post is just one that I had saved. It has been awhile since I have written. School has kept me busy. By the time I get home, blogging isn’t exactly on my mind. I do have some things I want to discuss though.

The first is manners. Where have they gone? Since when has not holding open doors and saying please and thank you become vogue? Ok, maybe vogue is a strong word, so how about, the norm? Frankly, is it too much to ask to say please and thank you? Telephone manners seems to have especially gone by the wayside. The other day I answered the phone with a “Hello” and I was greeted with a nasty, nasty “Whose this”? It was incredibly um, snarky? 😉 Really, who does that? You have called my home, and you respond to me like that? You called my number for crying out loud!

Another thing that I wanted to talk about is having respect when you are in another person’s home. Recently, we have had some visitors in our home. These visitors have been guests of my brother. They come into our house, with no greeting. They do not let anyone know that they are there. I come into the kitchen or go downstairs and suprise! Guests! The other thing that irritates me a bit, is the lack of hand washing that appears to go on. Who gets into a refrigerator in a home, that is not your own, without washing your hands? I wouldn’t do that in my own home, let alone in a home that is not my own. I wouldn’t just get into someone else’s refrigerator, to me that is just something you don’t do, but I know that is my own quirk.

Manners are so important. They are not a thing of the past. Is not something that is not too formal for today’s society. Manners are always in fashion.