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The internet reminds me of a yin yang. Equal parts light and dark, dark in light, light in dark. We can find directions, food, clothes, and even become a celebrity. That was the hope of six young girls in Florida who lured a 17 year old girl to a house to savagely beat her, all in the goal to have it air on YouTube and MySpace.

It makes me sick. Sick at the thought that these girls thought that was an acceptable or a “cool” thing to do. Beating someone is never cool, fun, or a thrill. Its a potentially deadly exercise with serious legal consequences. Personally I hope these girls – ALL of them – get the most serious punishment possible. We need to send a message that violence, especially gang violence, is not ok, and that they will be punished should they choose to do it.

I dont know if YouTube can be held liable for this, because I am sure they have some clause in their user agreement that bans such videos, and it is up to the discretion of the user what is put on. What I want to know is will they be taking any such measures to help prevent things taking place? Maybe having some sort of moderation system in place that checkes the videos before they are downloaded? It would probably cause a waiting delay, but I would think it would be worth it. I know Victoria Lindsay would approve.