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As I look outside this morning, I see that the sun is shining and it looks warmer out there than it has been in a while. I loathe the fact that I am going to have to go to work today. Days like these should not be meant for work. They are mean to be spent outside. Listening to the birds and the wind in the grass. Long ago when I was younger I used to road trips on weekends like this. Riding in the car with the windows down, looking out at the fields of green and yelllow that stretched as far as the eye could see. At the end of the field the sky seemed to touch the ground. Rolling hills of green on a two lane barely paved road stand out most predominately in my memory. Days like this, I long for that. To smell the country air, to feel the wind on my face, and to sip warm coffee from a travel mug.

To be on a road trip, going to a place that I have never been, seems like such a luxury right now. With time and gas prices being what they are, I wonder when I will have the opportunity to take such a trip again. Sadly its become cheaper to travel by air, or rail, than it has to go by car. Going those ways, you do not have the same freedom. You are so much more limited, You have to find cabs, or stay within walking distance of all you want to see and do.

Until that time comes whenever I pass a green field and a blue sky my heart will just return to my old memories.