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I was driving home tonight and I came to this realization. In this whole wide world, no matter who comes in or out of my life, however important or unimportant, I will always be me at the end of the day.  When I was younger I did not realize this. I thought that who your friends were, was direct influence on who you were as a person.

I  see now, that is wrong.

Each person has their own right to be free, and to do as they please within legal limits. Just because I have a friend who engages in behavior that I would not do, should not be a reflection upon me. Unfortunately because we live in the world that we do people assume if you hang out with someone then you must agree with all that they do.

If I have a friend of different a faiths, that does not make me a follower of their faith. There are times I have spent time in the company of people who drink more than what I would, does not make me a lush. Just because six beers went down their mouth doesn’t mean that it went down mine.

Too many times I have been the victim of “guilt by association”, and I am here to say that is a load of horse manure. If I go to an event and I am friendly with some of the not-so-popular people, or the people who are loud, or the people who are hosting the event, doesn’t make me a “loser”, or “obnoxious” or a “kiss up”.

Observations like this frustrate me. It is so high school junior high. Here is my message to all of those folks who make those assumptions: look beyond your walls, look beyond your immediate assumption, and don’t judge a person because of who is sitting at his/her table.

I know that at the end of the day, if someone doesn’t want to like me because of who I talk to, that is fine. I am still me, and better off without all the drama.