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Yes that is right. Finding a good man is like a good bra. Think about it. You try a lot of them on. Some are too big, some are too small. Others don’t give you enough support, others just want to squeeze your boobs. Then you find a good one. The fit feels good. There is enough support while still giving you some breathing room. Things go okay for a few weeks. Then all the sudden, wham, the underwire gives out and all the sudden you feel like you have been stabbed. It has cost you a lot, so you try and fix it, only to have it happpen again. Finally, you kick it to the curb. It feels good knowing you will never again be stabbed by that darn thing.

Eventually, you go on the hunt again. You find a good one, it’s not quite like the others you have had, but it gives you all that you need. You forgot how good it felt to be supported. The more you wear it the more comfortable it becomes. After awhile, you forget how you ever lived without it.

I know that this was a tounge-in-cheek post, but suprising how much truth there is to it, isn’t there?