Its been an age since I have written here. I have written some on paper, but I have published nothing. This summer has been extremely busy. Between work and summer school, I never knew if I was coming or going. In late June and early July, I came down with bronchitis. It was miserable. Then just before the summer school was out, I had many techincal failures that drove me batty. I never thought I would be done with school.

Now school will be starting again on Monday and I am not ready. Usually I am climbing the walls waiting for school to start. I feel so unprepared. If I had one more week I would be ok, but as it stands I just don’t want to go back. My energy level in terms of school is non-existent.

It was my birthday yesterday. Another year older. I had someone ask me how old I was. Frankly that is nobody’s business. Who directly says so how old are you? Is there no such thing as boundaries anymore?

In this society of all sorts of information being available at one’s fingertips I find that I am wanting to be more private.  I dont understand why the world needs to know all the details of my life.  Considering that tidbit I wonder why I choose to post my thoughts online. I guess it goes back to being able to open up to strangers easier than to those that are closest to you.