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Really, I am not a Scrooge.  I will be first to admit that the December holiday season is not exactly my favorite. It feels like  the longest season we have, and each year  it starts earlier. This year two weeks before Halloween one radio station was already playing Christmas tunes.

This year I find however I am more annoyed than in years past. The economy is in the crapper, people are losing their homes and what do we hear on the radio?  The ecomony is in a recssion, and we need to boost the economy by shopping. Seriously? I am guessing that if people do not have the money to have a roof over their head, they probably  not going to be buying that Wii no matter how much Wal-Mart slashes their prices.

I am also having a hard time stomaching actually going to the stores too. Seeing people had over wads of cash makes my stomach ill. Well, that and the Yankee candles they have out , and all the women squirting perfume everywhere. No thanks, I don’t want to try your perfume. Smelling like a high class hooker is not my style.

I once went to a high end department store with a friend of mine, and we were assaulted by the woman at the perfume counter. We went straight to the car and as soon as we closed the doors we were assaulted a second time, and nauseated by our own stench. We rolled down the windows and opened the doors back up. Thank God it was warm that day. We had symphony tickets, and as soon as we got to the hall we made a beeline for the bathroom and bathed in the sink. It did not help. I pitied anyone around us who had a sense of smell that night.