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I am worried for the young people growing up in today’s world. I know that there are some who are strong willed and have their own goals and ideas of how they want the world to be and their plans to shape it for the better. Those children will be fine. Its the others that worry me. The ones who are more unsure of their spot in the world andwho look to their environment for direction.

In today’s America, it is my opinion that we have given away our right to our own self image. Look at the advertising that goes on all around us: smell this way, look this way, eat here and be one of the elite, drink this and be a rock star.Why is it that we have to be anyone other than who we are? Since when did individuality become lost? Now it seems as though we are being swayed into someone else’s individuality. I find I question why would they want to be lost in this “American image” versus an accurate self image?

Ours was not a country founded on followers. It was founded on leaders. It was founded by men who asked why. They dared to go against all they knew to fight for their individual rights to not follow the leader. I look around me, and I find that spirit almost non existant today. We are so caught up in our own mission of happiness, that we aren’t looking around us. Talking to young people I hear two phrases over and over : “I don’t know”, and “I don’t care”.  Young people today without ideals scares the holy tar out of me. I once heard someone say, “If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything”. 

I am worried that that will be the fate of our young people.

As a nation, do we really want to be so blind? I understand about wanting to take care of us, before rushing out to give billions to the world. But I ask, how much attention are we even paying to our own country, and the decisions that our leaders make? I feel that our country is on a downslide. We have lead contaminated products coming into our country, we have children here who are starving and the eldery who are dying because they do not have the money to pay for heat and air conditioning.

I am standing up and looking around. Will you look too? Will you be a part  of the solution, or will you choose to be a part of the problem?