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Right now my life is a life in transition. I am transitioning from being a full time employee and part time student to being a full time student. After 14 years in the workforce, I am taking this last semster of school off and finishing my paralegal degree. Its exciting, yes. It’s also been a strange transition.

First the most noticeable difference is the fact that I can structure my own day to my own schedule. I have been very organized thus far in making to do lists and trying to get everything accomplished. (Todays to do list is quite long!) I have had more time to cook, which is something that I really love to do. I always liked it before, but now I have time to plan out some meals in advance.There is time to think about it, and how I want to prepare it, and then making any alterations as I go along.

I thought that I would have all this extra “spare time” once I stopped working. Let’s face it, between work and the commute, I was gone 50 hours a week. Between doing work for classes and things around the house it seems like all that “spare” time has been sucked up like an overachieving dustbuster on High.

The nice thing about not working right now is I do have a lot to do. Finding an internship is one of them. Late last year I had an interview with a company that I really wanted to work for. Needless to say, they found someone who was a better fit. I was very disappointed. I did not understand why I wasn’t right for them. I prayed and I gave it back to God. It was bigger than me. Let Him deal with it, I thought.  Then last week I am in class and my professor tells us of an internship position at the local courthouse. This position is the natural stepping stone between what I have done the last 12+ years and the career I want to have.  I realized in that moment what I didn’t know earlier. Even though God had closed that door on the previous position, little did I know He was cranking open a window for me in another room. 

So, the resume has been sent. I am told to expect a call this week. My fingers are crossed, and the prayers have been said. I am trying to keep a very realistic outlook here. If He sees it fit for me to be there, then there I will be. If it is not meant for me to be in this position, then it just means it wasn’t really the right one for me. I know that the right position is out there. I can feel it. I am meant to help others. I do not yet really know how, or in what capacity, but I know that it is what He has planned for  me. Just like all humans though, I just wish I could have a peek at those blueprints.