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I love to people watch. If I am feeling a bit jagged and at loose ends, all I really need to do is grab a tea and sit and people watch. The public as a whole I am not a general fan of as they can be kind of gross as evidenced by my earlier entry about the diaper on the parking lot at Borders.

The general public though also has the ability to crack my stuff up! Take for instance what I witnessed a few weeks ago in the parking lot at school. I had just purchased my books went to the car to warm up  from the blustery cold wind and just in general being observant of the events around me. That is when this girl caught my eye.

She was in her car, smoking a cigarette, and checking her reflection. Apparently she didn’t like what she saw, because her head bent down and she appeared to be rooting through a bag. Up she came with a tube of lip gloss. She applies it to her upper lip real slow and then to her lower lip. She then repeats this process, and repeats, and repeats, and repeats. Now during this time her cigarette is still between her fingers. My thought is she just wasted her five coats of gloss, cause she is gonna smear it all on her smoke. Sure enough, two seconds later she is taking a drag. I chuckle, because I know what is coming next.

She checks her reflection again, I guess to confirm the absence of the gloss, and she applies it again, and again, and again. Then she taps the ash off her smoke and I chuckle again as she takes another drag. She then fusses with her hair and puts on another coat of her gloss. She then takes a nice big swig of Coke out of a soda can. At this point all I can think is I hope that lip gloss wasn’t real expensive. She takes another drag off her smoke and deposits her cigarette out the window. She takes a final swallow of Coke, and you got it, schlacks on a few more coats of gloss. At this point I really start laughing. She steps out of her car, hair fixed and a dozen coats of gloss later, and promptly the wind blows her hair straight onto her face across her lips.  Poor girl, her gloss never stood a chance. The bright side of it is, now she won’t need hair gel.