Originally written 3-8-09

Today I do not understand the world around me. Ok, so most days I do not understand the world around me. Today though everything seems to be hitting home in a rather violent way. In the last three weeks there have been 3 serious car accidents involving drunken drivers. One accident that included the brother of man that I have known since we were in kindergarten. It killed him, his wife and their unborn child. We have also had two house explosions in our area, one of which is about  2 blocks from my house. Today I turn the news on and I see that not 20 minutes from my house a minister was shot while giving his sermon.

I can’t  understand it. I don’t understand all this violence. I know I live in the Midwest, in let face it, kind of  a sleepy little area. Now it seems we are being violently woken up. Between people who can not seem to stop themselves from drinking and getting behind the wheel to suspicious house explosions that have rocked the lives of everyone around them to a crazed gunman, it feels like my world is being turned upside down.

In times like these I turn to my faith. This minute though I feel like I am still left with more questions than with answers.