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So tonight I had a test in Wills & Probate. The first test I had I did pretty well. This test it seemed like I just studied all the wrong things. It seemed like basic stuff that I should know, I blanked. It’s not like I didn’t study or that I dont know the material, I do. I could tell you the difference between a spendthrift trust and a testamentary trust. Want to know where the Illinois statutes talk about do not resiscutate orders? I got it. Inter vivos trust, however, now that could be a problem.

I know exactly what the problem was.  I was over-analyzing. I am so worried that I am going to miss a detail in the complex things that I don’t dial it back to the basics. Now I am kicking myself in the pants. I know I should just let it go, shake it off, and give it to God, but I am struggling. The other part of it, I really like this field. I want to really know my stuff in this practice area. It’s just frustrating and I know that I am my own biggest obstacle. That is a rough realization.

Now I have another test on Thursday.  We covered two chapters last class.  The start of class we had teacher evals and then a few people read their articles, so class didn’t “start” right away. At the time it was a good thing, because I was having some trouble focusing, but now in hindsight I wish we would have had more time.

I think that tonight is going to be a good test in practing accepting the things I cannot change, and changing what I can. Well, that and buckling down with the book. Accepting what I can’t change is all well and good, but blank answers get me nowhere fast.