Yes, sir, that’s right I am still busy. Sometimes I get a little sick of people saying “Oh are you still busy?” I go to school full-time, just finished a near full time internship, and spent about 10 hours a week in commuting. Yeah, I am still busy.

I can understand where they are coming from, I have been busy for a long time. My old work schedule and school schedule left me with about one day off a week. Four days a month is not a lot of time to plan get-togethers. I think what grates the most with me is this sort of condescending attitude that underlines the words of still and busy. It’s as if they are implying its taking an awfully long time for me to get through school, as if I am the slow kid or something.

What they don’t see is the reality of a schedule like that. I would have to be up at seven to be out of the house in enough time to make the commute to school and be in class at 9 am. Then from there I had to be at work at 11am, and I didn’t leave there until 10pm at night. That is provided the students didn’t want to linger in the library. That was not always the case. Then tack on a 45 minute commute home. Often times, it would be 11pm before I arrived home, and there was still studying to be done. That was my schedule just for Monday and Wednesday. By the time Friday rolled around, and I left my 9am class and did all the mundane running around and errands, I was ready for sleep not spending the night out on the town.

This semester has been equally as crazy with having three days in a row that had the insanely long hours, plus a full load of course work. Trust me working on a dissolution of marriage is not fun, but its positively heinous at 2 am. Thankfully I have insomnia, otherwise I could be really stressed.

A few weeks ago I went out to lunch with some family members and one of them asked me how I liked the internship I was doing. I told them that I really enjoyed it and I was learning a lot. I said that it was an adjustment getting back up early again after having a bit of a break while I was on the internship search. I was then told “Welcome to the real world.” I then got a mini lecture in how the real world works and how when you work you have to get up early.

WOOOOOO! I had to take a real deep breath before I responded to that one. Welcome to the real world? Baby girl, my world has been more real in the last two years than yours has been your whole life. Not everyone can spend their entire life living in the house they grew up in and work at the same establishment for 35 years all while never having to leave the small town you live in.

As I was getting the privilege of this educational lecture, I sat there with one raised eyebrow. (Later on I found out my Mom had heard the comment, and resisted delivering an across the table backhand). Once it was over, I informed this individual that it wasn’t so much the getting up 6 that I found to be the issue, it was that those hours were added on to the fact that I didn’t get home until 11pm the night before, and still had homework to do.

Who does that? Who says crap like that? Its not like this person doesn’t know me and is not very aware of what I have been doing for the last few years. It angered me a lot. I am sure that this person did not mean for it to come out the way that it sounded, but seriously, what happened to thinking before speaking?