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In everyday life there is stress, anger and hurt feelings. People will say things that cause you pain. Life events happen that turn your world upside down. Whether it is a death in your family or a tragic nationwide happening, in times of grief we as humans seem to bond and come together to heal. It is then that we allow our faith to rise to the surface to carry us through.

But what about everyday faith? I don’t mean the Monday morning prayer for a quick commute, or the Friday night prayer of “Please Lord, let him/her think I am hot”. I mean the “God, my coworker is having a bad day. Guide him/her through it and be with him/her. Let him/her feel your comfort and put in him/her in Your grace”, prayer.

Just to put this into perspective, I do not consider myself a religious person. I feel like in order to do that I need to subscribe to a particular religion, and I don’t. I would say I am a spiritual person. I believe in God and karma. I believe in light and dark and that one cannot be without the other.

I also believe in prayer and the power of everyday faith. Now I am not saying I am this super person because I learned to bow my head,  and that I am out there praying all the time. Mother Teresa I am not. I do believe, however, in the power the prayer and faith wield.

My best friend once told me, God does not leave you confused. In the years that have passed since she said that to me, I have given that statement a lot of careful thought. She is right. God does not leave you confused, because I think that we are supposed to have that everyday faith in him to hand the confusion back to him, and to know that he will take care of us, and guide us, in the directions that we are meant to go.

Right now I am in transition once more. A year ago I would have been freaking out and confused about all the changes and potentially being unemployed for a while. Not anymore. I know that I have prayed and that my faith and trust in God will see me through. The everyday faith that I have will see me through the confusion, the darker days, and praying and talking with Him will give me the strength I need to get through. I know He will guide me to the right decisions. All I need is my everyday faith.