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My cat Freckles has a new best friend. I have two cats. A black and brown tortoise-shell, Freckles, and a gray (faded tortoise-shell) Gracie. Freckles is about 12 pounds of love. She will sit on your lap and cuddle, and she will lovingly rub all of her excess fur onto your clothes. Gracie is more standoffish, but of the two, she is definitely nosier.

Mom and I decided that Freckles needed some exercise. A few years ago, my brother brought home this red laser light, and they loved it. So Mom and I set out to find a laser light. We found it and brought it home. Life has not been the same since.

Freckles LOVES her new friend.  By loves, I mean obsessed. I can’t even reach for my glass of water without the cat looking over in my direction to see if I am reaching for her “friend”. If the chain should happen to delicately tinkle against the aluminum barrel her head whips around as if someone has yelled free money.

If you should decide to bring out the friend, she is all over it like white on rice. My favorite thing is to slowly move the red light into the kitchen and down the hall to watch her chase after it. A half a dozen rounds of this, and the poor cat is huffing and puffing and will only watch with mild interest as I move the light about in her general direction. Also a favorite, is to move the light near her front paws.  I like to move it quickly from side to side, all the while making it go in a forward direction. This will cause Freckles to shake her head to the movement of the light and patter her paws forward to “catch” the light.

Today I decided to bring out the “friend”. After a few minutes of active playing I calmed it down again. By this point, Gracie had come into the living room to see what all the fuss was about. She’s nosy remember? She laid down by Freckles and was perfectly content just watching the action. Not wanting her to feel left out, I decided to involve her by shining the light on her ear. (Ok before anyone gets upset and PETA comes chasing me down, no cats were harmed in the process and I made very sure not to at any point shine the light in her eyes.)

Freckles was amazed. She just stared. The look on her face was priceless. It was “How did my friend get up there?” She watched it and finally she went over and she sniffed Gracie’s ear. I moved the light over to Grace’s other ear. Apparently it was a little too fast for Frecks, because she kept sniffing Gracie’s ear and looking around to see where her friend went.

Before she got too lonely, I moved the light off of Grace and back onto the middle of the floor. I proceeded to move the light around in an oval/circle shape. Freckles could not take her eyes off of it. The thing is, she has not learned how to just move her eyes. She moves her whole side. Side to side, back and forth, round and round went her little head. Then I moved the light forward and patter pattern she stomped her front paws trying to “get it”. It was absolutely hysterical! I took the light and swung it around to the right 180 degrees and she followed it. I swung it around full circle, making Frecks swing around full circle. It was too much! Round and round went the light, round and round went the cat!  Up the hall went the light, up the hall went the cat. In the kitchen went  the light, in the  kitchen the cat skidded to catch the light. Back in the living room, back up the hall.  Before long Frecks was huffing and puffing, so I stopped and let her rest. There is always tomorrow.

1 cat: free

1 laser light: 10 dollars

Hours of quality entertainment for the humans: priceless