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Happy Easter WordPress World!

I hope yours was as enjoyable as mine. I was supposed to get together with my extended family. Mom however was not feeling well. As a result we went with Aunt Judy to Bob Evans. I had the salmon. It was ok, but really filling. We were able to have a lesiurely lunch. There werent many folks in the place so it was nice and quiet and we could talk.

After we ate, we came back to the house and sat and talked for a few hours. Now Mom and I are watching a movie. All is quiet. Its quarter after 7 and its not quite yet dark. Soon we will have to turn the lamps on.  I think I will make a cup of tea. There is a bit of a chill in the house, and I think it would be just the thing.

Its gotten later now, and I am starting to think about the week ahead of me. All the things I have to do. The presentation I have coming up, the research that needs to be done. Sometimes it seems like the assignments will never end. I will be glad for graduation. I can hardly imagine a time when I will only have to work and to have my own place. It seems far away somedays, other days its scarily close.

I wonder sometimes if I will be able to do all that I will be expected. I don’t have that answer. All I can do is try my best. I am ready for the challenge. To work somewhere new, meet new people. It will be exciting to say the least. I only have to make it through graduation.