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Mom brought home an Easter Lily from work on Saturday. One of her patrons brought it in to her to say thank you for all that she does for her. Wasn’t that sweet? Uh huh. Mom brings it in and sets it up in the living room. Later that night Mom goes to bed and I am up talking with friends and working on some things, and all the sudden I notice this awful smell. Sniff Sniff, what the heck is that I think? Does the trash need to go out? Has something gone rancid? I have been home most of the day and I have not smelled this. The odor wafts away and I don’t think anything more about it, until about 20 minutes later when the noxious scent hits my nose like a Mack truck.

Ok, now seriously, I have to go and find out the cause of this smell. It’s driving me nuts. For better or worse I was born with a keen sense of smell. Blind as a bat without my glasses, but smell, let’s put it this way, there are places I can hardly walk  in the mall. During the shopping season last Christmas, I had to take a breather from all the ladies assaulting me with their perfume. Seriously woman, did you have to try on ALL TWELVE scents just because they were free? They smelled like high class hookers.

I got up and perused the room. I went into the kitchen, the trash can was good to go. Smells powder fresh thanks to these new trash bags we found. I check the fridge and the freezer, no go. The I come back into the living room. That’s when I see it. The lily. In defense of the lilies of the world, I love them. They are hands down my all time favorite flower. Yeah, yeah, roses are nice, but lilies are spectacular. Vibrant and exotic, I can hardly wait until July when the tiger lilies bloom. This Easter lily, however, not so much. Pretty, yes, pleasantly fragrant, no.

There were two buds on it that had not yet bloomed. Great, a couple of more blasts of stench lying in wait, gearing up to explode when I wasn’t looking. The next morning I told Mom about the smell and she was but it smells good! Hmm, I think it’s for her to get the old schnoz checked out.