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A phrase I often hear is “ so and so didn’t even have the common courtesy”, and the person is generally appalled at the behavior of the individual that has offended them. I think that this person has failed to realize one major point, there is no such thing as “common courtesy”. I think courtesy nowadays, is far from common, in fact, I think it should be called “uncommon courtesy”.

People have very little regard for one another. Gone are the days when people generally did as they should, just because that is what they “should do”. Now people are out for anything and everything. I see examples of this behavior every day. From failing to use turn signals, to letting doors slam in people’s faces, it seems like people have lost all regard for their fellow human being.

In this modern day we are all busy. I don’t know anyone who isn’t, unless they are retired, and that is not always the case. I understand busy, but I also understand the value of holding the elevator door for someone who is running across the lobby of the courthouse. (Yeah lady – I saw how you didn’t hold that door for me.)

I don’t understand what the issue is. Is it too hard to be nice or courteous? Is it too time consuming? Or have we gotten so wrapped up in our own lives and agendas that we have forgotten that we have to share this planet with others. We do not exist alone.

Lately there has been a big push to “go green” for the future. Going green is great, but who wants to extend the planet for forever if its full of people who are too selfish to want to be around?