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I know that everybody and their brother and sister will be blogging about the answer that Miss California gave at the Miss USA pageant, and normally I am not one to hop on the bandwagon, but for this topic it was a must.

If you haven’t seen her response to Perez Hilton’s question regarding gay marriage, go check it out. Its on YouTube. I am not going to post the question and answer here, just because I think it should be seen in its full context.

I personally am for gay marriage. I think that in today’s society it is unreasonable to try and sustain that a marriage can only happen between a man and a woman. I think that marriage is more than a sheet of paper, and a ceremony. Those are only things that a marriage symbolizes the beginning of. I think putting limits on who people can marry is the same as putting limits on telling people who they can and cannot make their family.

My family is the traditional nuclear family. Well, it was. Then dad died and my brother estranged himself from the rest of us. No longer are we the same family  unit. Instead, our family unit has evolved. Now I have aunts that I consider to be like second mothers, and my best friend is like the sister that I never had. If someone were to come along and say to me, you cannot consider “Aunt Judy” and “Marchae” like your direct family, I would be furious. How dare someone tell me who I can and cannot love? They don’t have that power.

Likewise, I do not then understand how the government can come in and tell someone, you can’t marry him or her just because they have the same genitalia as you. Who is the government to tell them who they can and cannot fall in love with? Mark and Steve, Jill and Louise, you wanna go get hitched? More power to you! I would rather see a couple being a shining example of love, than a shining example of yeah we’re just together for the sake of the kids.

That said, Miss California gave her opinion. Just because I don’t agree with it, doesn’t mean she can’t have it. We live in a country that says she can give her opinions as freely as I give mine. I think the important thing here is to remember that we are all human, and we are all different. We each have our own ideas about what our country should be and the laws it should have.

Frankly, I am proud to live in a country where Miss California and I can speak freely and not worry about retaliation, and if there is retaliation, then there are forces in place to stop it, to protect us. I am proud to live in a country that sees that there is more than one way to view how humans are treated, and that if you don’t like  the laws in one state, you are free to move about. I am proud to live in a country  where  one is free to choose their own path, their own destiny, their own beliefs, and their own words.