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Hello WordPress World!  I am coming to you today from my front porch. I stepped out to check the mail and holy wowza is it gorgeous out here. The sun is shining the birds are singing, and it gave me a need to feel warm concrete on my bare feet. So, here I am.  It’s finally starting to smell like spring. Flowers are blooming, the trees are getting green. I can smell the damp earth and the cool wind. My cat Gracie was even tempted to come out. Right now she is sniffing a bush like she has never seen it before. She is wandering a bit, and now is off to eat some grass that we will find later barfed up in some random part of the house.  Last time it was on Mom’s bed. I swear if that cat ever loses her lunch on my bed, she will never set foot in my room again. Don’t get me wrong I like animals. If they didn’t barf and poop and pee, I would consider owning one. But as that is not going to happen anytime soon, nor shall my pet ownership happen anytime soon.

I have the music going, something soft and soothing. I have to get into the mood to write this paper that is due tonight. I wish I could get into it, but no luck yet. Its on the Family Medical Leave Act. I mean its interesting to me. It’s hard translating that to paper. So I am hoping a little Michael Buble will help get me going. If not, I may have to bring out the big guns, Etta and Otis. I have to have music that will be soft, but leave me inspired. Songs I know the words to that way I am not distracted going “Wha’d they say again”?.  You know, just music to bop the old noggin to. Nothing that brings any particular memories, just something to keep me company. Right now its Michael Buble’s rendition of “Put your head on my shoulder”, one of my favorites by him. That is one of those songs that makes me want to lean my head back and let the breeze blow across my face and sigh. I am always a bit sad when that song comes to an end. It’s so lovely that I really just want it to go on for forever.

Ah and now we have Nat King Cole, Unforgettable. Now that my friends, is a classic. Simple, no frills, just sweet. Not too gushy sweet, just the right amount. I am mean who really would not want to be described as unforgettable? To know that no matter where you you will always be in the transom of someone’s thoughts?  Ok, well so maybe that would not be ideal in every situation. Still its a sweet old thought, isn’t it?