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Today Mom and I had the chance to take a ride up the river road. It was wonderful. At first I wasn’t sure how the day was going to start out. Mom was impatient and I was not thrilled with it. However once we got in the car and had the windows rolled down, my mood began to lighten.

We went to Lowe’ s so mom could pick up a few plants and things. She has the ability to make plants grow; my “green thumb” has the opposite effect. I tend to forget I own plants until I realize it’s too late. Oops.

We left Lowe’s and hit the road. Once we got onto Highway 100, I began to exhale and really relax. I had my sunglasses on and my head turned so that I could catch the wind. The sun was out and strong. That combined with the wind, made me close my eyes. I could have sat like that forever.

All too soon we were in Grafton and we were coming up on the flea market. Mom and I stopped in and we bumped into some old friends. It was great to see them. It’s hard to imagine my childhood playmates with their own children, but time really does march on.

I found some really lovely satiny scarves. I love to wear scarves. It’s one of my favorite things. Anytime I have a chance to I do. Whether it’s in my hair or tied loosely about the neck so that the ends flow behind me, I love the way they can dress up any outfit.

We left the flea market and drove on up the road. I leaned my head back and settled in. Once the road detoured from the river, I found myself gazing out into farm fields. As far as the eye could see, there were green and golden fields, trees, and the occasional house.

Mom and I stopped for dinner at a little place called Dockside. The food is really good, but the portions are enormous. I have lunch for the next two days after eating there. The cucumber salad was really good, light but satisfying. I also ordered beets and the fried catfish. Mom couldn’t decide between the fish and the pork chop, but eventually she went with the latter.

After we ate, we got in the car and headed home. Originally we were going to go a different way, but when Mom asked my opinion, I knew I wanted to go back home via the river. Coming back the river was not nearly as choppy as it was going up, but it was still moving swiftly. Again I angled my head so that I could feel the wind on my face and blowing through my hair. I put my hand out of the window so that I could feel the wind on my fingers. The air was definitely cooler than it had been earlier.  It swirled all around my hand as I moved it in a circle.

I could feel the waning sun on my face. That combined with the wind and the waves made me think of a song. I got out my iPod and turned on Otis Redding’s Sittin on the Dock of the Bay. Perfect. The perfect song for a perfect moment.

There is a movie that I love, its called Bed of Roses. Cheesy, yeah I know, but it has a lot of lines in it that I love. In one scene the lead male character asks the lead female what her favorite flower is, and she says the sterling rose. He knows which one that is; it’s the thornless kind. She says yes, but that she thinks that roses really ought to have thorns, otherwise they are just too perfect. He says sometimes you just need too much perfection.

He is right. Sometimes you just need moments of too much perfection. Today, this was mine, and I wanted it to last as long as it could.

Tonight I will go to bed, and turn out the lights. I will close my eyes. I will see the river, the trees, and the bluffs. I will feel the wind and smell the sun. I will have yet just one more minute of too much perfection.