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Yeah you. I saw you. Highway 157, southbound, noonish yesterday. I saw you munching on your McDonald’s and not paying attention to the SUV twice the size of your subcompact car. I saw how your salty delectable made you lose all the common sense you may have had (or may not, shoot, I don’t judge). I saw how you decided to merge in my lane, sans blinker, and attempt to take my front fender home with you.

Here is a newsflash for ya sweetcheeks, my front fender, doesn’t think you are that cute, and neither do I.

Honestly, I will never understand what the heck people are thinking when they drive. Then I remember, that’s right, they aren’t. People are too busy multi-tasking to really drive. What they fail to see, just by driving alone, in theory, they are already multi-tasking. They should be looking at the road ahead of them, what’s going on around them, and on watch for the cop behind them. That is three tasks right there, and you haven’t even initiated the use of your blinker.

I drive a lot and over the years I have seen people do it all behind the wheel of a car. Yes, even that. People shave, pluck, pick their nose, make up, talk, eat, sing, and dance all behind the wheel of a car. My fervent wish is that people would stop and realize you aren’t just driving a car. You are navigating a lethal weapon. This fact becomes tremendously evident when due to careless, reckless, and willfully negligent driving takes the lives of innocent people.

On my way home last night I came to a busy intersection. It was wet outside, although for the moment the rain had stopped. When I came to make a right at the intersection, I saw the remains of a tremendous accident. Apparently it has just happened, as the authorities had not arrived. There were two cars, and I don’t know that either of them were in a condition that would have allowed them to be driven off. The lives of the people in that car will now forever be changed. I cannot speculate to the cause of the accident, but I can well imagine that there was probably a cell phone involved and a lack of attention to what was in front of them.

I am not trying to preach. Well, ok, I am. I just don’t want to die because you need a french fry fix. Why should I sacrifice my life, time, and body so you can put on your make up, text your bff, or dig for treasure in your face? Last I time I checked a human life was worth a lot more than just reminding the hubby to pick up toilet paper.