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Today during the drive to school, I had a realization. I am in the calm before the storm, both literally and figuratively. Outside the sky was turning a blue grey and you could feel the wind pick up. I had the sunroof open and the windows down. I just wanted the wind to blow. I wanted the cobwebs to get a good shake.

In another way, I am also having that “calm before the storm” feeling. Finals are looming, and while I am not worried about them, its the “what happens after finals” feeling that I have that worries me. What will happen after finals? This thought keeps interrupting my day. I keep trying to shake it, and give it back up to God. It seems though that that thought is like a boomerang and it keeps coming back no matter how much I toss it out. I dont want it, really. I just want to follow God’s path, I am just the co-pilot along for the ride. The frustrating part? He never gave me a map! At least He doesn’t seem to mind when I stop and ask for directions.