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When I came home I saw on the news that a mother and her two sons had been strangled in a town not far from mine. I also listened to a report about a young boy who has been kidnapped from his home in Madison Co. Missouri. There was a report of a lawnmower that was stolen from a Little Leauge organization run by volunteers.  All over the news are stories of soldiers being killed, homes being foreclosed upon, and the latest, swine flu.

Tonight as I lay here in front of my laptop, I can look around my space, lit by candlelight, and feel utterly blessed. My family is not suffering like the families of the murdered mother and sons, or of the missing young boy. We have not contracted swine flu and our home is paid for. Don’t get me wrong, I have my worries. There are friends I want safe and family I want healthy. All in all though, I feel like I have truly been blessed.

Tonight I will pray for the families who have lost their loved ones due to sickness, murder, or war. I will pray that God touches them and helps them to find comfort. I will pray for the sick, the missing, and the serving. I will pray that God keeps them safe and blesses them. My prayers will also include a statement of a different kind. A statement of thanks to let God know that I truly am grateful for the  people and opportunities I have in my life.  Life, I feel must be a continual balance between light and dark. Prayer is no different, with the dark must come light.