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Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s official, we are in the homestretch. I had my first final tonight. The first of the last of them. It’s so unreal. It hit me a little bit today when I was polishing my resume and I took out anticipated graduation date and put graduation date.  I will be so glad to put this part of my life behind me. I tote it all up and put it away. I can get a new flash drive that will only have current projects on it and nothing school related.

I look forward to weekends spent walking in the park and, you I can’t even finish that sentence. I don’t know what else. I haven’t lived that kind of life in so long I don’t really remember what comes after the and. Not to worry though, I will figure it out.

For tonight I will just plan. Plan on what to do with all the space I will have once the notebooks and binders and school paraphernalia is gone. Odds are, I will do nothing with it and just enjoy the empty shelf space. There is no reason to add more, I will only have to take it down when I move.

Last night coming home from school, I tried to think about what life will be like post exams. It was an amazing night. It was pretty windy, and on my way home, I had all the windows down and the sunroof open. I wanted to clear my head out. I let the wind roll through the car. It was amazing. To feel the wind on my skin and blow through my hair, was liberating. I just kept taking deep breaths, wanting to get as much fresh air in me as I could. I wanted to blow out all the stress and toxins that have come with this journey.

Did it work? Yeah, a little. I guess you can’t blow out four years in one night.