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It really wasn’t my intention to write a blog tonight. I guess its one of those things in life that just happen. I went out to my car and to get my iPod, and as soon as my bare foot hit the porch and I felt the cool breeze on my arms I was hooked. I had gone out to the car to get my iPod because I find that putting it in before bed can sometimes help me sleep. A little Josh Groban can go a long way on the right night.

I figured tonight would be an insomnia night when I was just a little too wired at midnight. I tried working on my story, and I actually made a little headway. I swear this story is the bane of my creative existence. I can blog all day and night, but this story has taken me more years than I care to admit.

When it started out it was going to be told through the viewpoint of a young woman, and now I find I am more connected to the character of her middle aged landlord. I have never had the best vision for the young woman character. The first seven pages of the book I didn’t even have a name for her, and I cannot even begin to tell you how many names I have gone through for her. Nothing just seemed right. Looking back I guess it’s because I was never really meant to tell her story. I was meant to tell Bella’s. 

I think I may even weed out the young woman character all together. Maybe it Bella’s story as a young woman that I am meant to tell, I hope so. I have always liked Bella. Strong, sassy, independent and loving, she has such warmth about her.  She is to me, a real woman. When I picture her I see a freed spirit. I say freed because she was not always free. She cares for humanity, but keeps her cards close to her. Those who are close she loves fiercely. She has known loss and pain. She doesn’t dwell on those memories though.  She uses it to empathize with others. She will reach her hand out to help, but if she gets intentionally hurt, she remembers it forever.

For her, she has realized that the simplest things make her happy. The sunlight streaming in the kitchen window onto the wooden floors and the way the trees look in the fall showing off their autumnal colors. She takes pride in knowing while the day may not go her way; she tried to make it the best day she could.

Bella is a stunning character in my mind. I can almost feel her vibrancy when I think about her personality. She has a heart and mind that is open and hands willing to help. If I close my eyes I can almost hear her laughter. It would be like her, strong, colorful and resounding.