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Well, I finally did it. Mission accomplished. I am now a genuine, certified paralegal. WHOO HOOO!!!

Commencement was long and on the boring side. I did get to get talk with my mentors after and got pictures – that was worth going. That weekend my best friend got to come down. It was amazing to see her.  She is one of my all time favorite people. Funny, smart, and very real – she is a real woman. 

Mom was very supportive. She bought me a lovely card. I swear she only buys the ones that make her cry, so she knows I will too. She aims for the tears. That’s ok; I’ll pay her back when she isn’t looking. I will slide one under her pillow that will make her sob. I’m such a loving daughter.  She also slipped in some much appreciated money. Bless her soul.

So, Marchae and I head out to a wedding shower. It was ok. It made me realize that I never, ever, want to have one of those. I don’t care if it is tradition. It’s a waste. Unless it’s a young couple starting out with nothing, you are only bound to get repeats of the things you have. This woman had a massive amount of gifts. I won’t lie, I was a little uncomfortable.  All I could think of was all the good things that money could have done had it been donated to charity. To each their own.

On the way home I stopped for gas. When I went to restart the car, it was all crank but no start. I wound up having to have it towed. When the mechanics finally took a look at it, they determined it needed a fuel pump. Fantastic!  Only 573 dollars to fix it.  It’s a good thing I graduated. Happy graduation, here’s a fuel pump.  For your years of dedication, all those late nights, tears, uncertainty, mid terms and finals – all that work – here’s a fuel pump.  All I can say is: “God, your sense of humor is amazing.”  Comedians are out of work, and He is cracking jokes.

I guess that is one of those life lessons I am supposed to learn. Dedicate your time, and yourself, all to have the great reward of paying your bills.  Ahh, the stagnant smell of adulthood! And here I just thought the trash needed to go out. Who knew?