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That is the question on my mind today. Have all of our manners gone out of the window? I know that we live in a more casual society. I don’t expect to be called Ma’am. ( I really don’t think I am old enough for that yet ). I do however expect a modicum of respect when I answer the phone.

I was taught to be polite and respectful when I answered a phone call. I was taught to say things like: hello, and how are you, and may I ask who is calling? In the last few days I have answered the phone and between telemarketers and just random folks, I truly do get tired of people not using proper phone etiquette.

After I have said hello, I fully expect the caller to address him or herself and to state their reason for calling. After all, I am not psychic. I do not expect them to say “Is so and so there?” I really don’t care to give out any information unless I know who is on the other end. In this day and age, it’s not a good idea. How do I know that the person on the other end isn’t some psychotic stalker hell bent on pilfering my fine collection of vintage Jadeite dishware? That would be a tragedy indeed.

I also most certainly don’t want to tell telemarketers when a better time to call back would be. I had one hang up in my ear today. He was trying to collect for some law enforcement something or other. Now don’t get me wrong, I love law enforcement. They put their necks out every day to keep me safe. I am lucky to live in a country with that kind of protection. However, I don’t appreciate you calling my house and after I explain we already have our charities that we donate to and could he please take us of their list, getting hung up on in my ear. Have a good day to you too, pal. Just because I am not flush with cash at the moment, is no excuse to leave me deaf.

It is really getting so irritating that I don’t even want to answer my home phone. I figure if it’s important they will leave a message. I might even check the caller id. Unless I am doing something important like, polishing my toenails, then I won’t even do that at all. Nine times out of ten it is a telemarketer or someone who is calling for people who no longer live in my home. Yes, that is right, seven years after my dad’s passing,  and people still won’t take him off their call lists. I mean really, the bank won’t let dead people charge their debit cards, even if it is the most convenient way for him to make a donation.