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Look here, while I totally appreciate the fact that you bathed, my question to you is why did you do it in cologne?

Tonight I was in my car driving down Washington Blvd and I had my window down. It was a gorgeous night. It was pleasantly cool and I had all the windows down and the sunroof open. The young and those who were flush in disposable income were out and dressed to the nines. A man walked by my car. He stayed maybe about six to eight feet away, but I could smell him as though he were close enough for me to meet his future grandchildren.

Now if you are a reader of my previous entries you are well familiar with my heightened nasal sense. This however was extreme. I asked my friend who was with me if she smelled what I did. She  said that she did. I then asked, who does that, and more importantly, why? Can they not smell themselves,  or has their abuse of cologne fried any ability that they had to smell?

Me personally, I believe in the layering of scent. I like to start out with a nice body wash, and then a softly scented moisturizer, and then a splash of cologne or a bit of scented oil. I don’t use a lot of any one scent, but once layered it blends together nicely. I like scents that smell natural and soft.  I don’t need folks to smell me from a mile away, but if they are sitting closely, they may get an occasional brush of scent across their nose.

My current favorite is an oil called Egyptian Goddess. It is lovely. It combines soft florals, light powder and musk to create a perfume that is single handedly the most unique and personal fragrance I have ever smelled. I have let many other women try this oil. One each woman the scent was distinctive and unique to them. The best way I can describe it, it just smells soft and personal. I love it.

My all time favorite perfume is Very Irresistible by Givenchy. I love, love, love this scent. It’s floral enough to be feminine, spicy enough to not be girly, and one spritz lasts all day. This scent wears better as the day goes on. In the morning it starts out smelling more on the floral side and by the end of the day, you smell more of a soft powdery fragrance.

All in all, I appreciate the fact that folks want to make themselves smell good. Thank you for that. However, two squirts is really all you need. I trust that you took a bath to be clean, it’s not necessary to bathe a second time in scent.