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I firmly believe that somedays it’s the little things that get us through. For the past month or so, it has been that way with me. I will say this, the last few days I have been relishing in the little things. Last night I had the most awesome moment. I was settling in to my nightly routine of getting ready for bed. I had gotten my water, the phone was on the charge, I had brushed my hair and put it up. I only needed to lift up the top sheet and let the cool air from the fan cool the bed a bit, and to put on some lotion. As I lifted the sheet in the air to flip it, the fan hit the sheet. At this same time I happened to take in a deep breath, and I got the loveliest whiff of my favorite lotion. I had been wearing it to bed all week. I didn’t realise that the scent of my lotion had come off on the sheet. It is this amazing scent called Wild Honeysuckle. It reminds me of when I was little and I was at my grandma’s house. She had honeysuckle that grew wild on her fence. For some reason just that quick smell of honeysuckle just really put me at ease and made me smile. To know that I was going to hunker down and sleep in honeysuckle that night was a good feeling.

Today I went over to my aunt’s house. She is dog sitting. I went over there for about an hour today. I took the puppy for a walk. She is a lab/terrier mix – she is way more lab than terrier though. She strained her leash at first, but when she got the idea I wasn’t going to let her run all willy nilly, she settled down. By the time we got back home, some cool water was needed for the both of us. I let her drink and cool down. Then we went out back to play for  bit. I threw her rings around and she brought them back to me for me to toss again. After a bit, we sat in the shade and just relaxed and listened to the world around us. It was a really wonderful moment and I wanted to stay in it for forever. The sky was blue, there was small breeze, and it was just nice out. The birds were singing and Kylie was panting. 

At one point she must have had an itch because she got up and went to roll around in the grass. It was so funny to see her squirm like that, you couldn’t help but laugh. Once she was finished, she was covered in loose grass. For the next ten minutes or so I brushed the grass off of her. She was very impatient with me as I tried to groom her a bit. She just wanted to lick me all over. Just what I wanted a bath in doggy spit! 🙂 It made me miss having dogs. They are a lot of fun – a lot to take care of – but a lot of fun.

Now I have some things to do around the house. While I busy myself with those tasks, I will look forward to the next “little moment”.