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I know, I know. I don’t write, I don’t call. Heck I have even forgotten how to blog. This is all true, mostly. I know it has been an age since I have published. It’s been a crazy few weeks and I haven’t felt like my usual verbose self. The tide however, has now turned and I am getting back into the swing of lifeblogging. I even have an idea for a new type of blog, so look for that in the coming week or so. Man I feel like Santa!  A blog and a promise of something new to come! It’s your lucky day!!

For the record I am feeling a bit out of my wits lately. Nothing horrid has happened – though we still aren’t discussing the paint incident. I just have had a stroke of unfortunate spillings. Seriously, I thought I was supposed to be much older than 30 before this kind of action started taking place. Apparently not. The klutzy phase I missed in HS is now coming on like an ugly case of Adult Onset Acne. Both make you feel 15 years younger than you are – and NOT in a good way. It also makes you not want to leave the house. Good Lord if I can spill this much at home what will I do in a restaurant with a tall glass of ice water just sitting there taunting me?

Life’s little accidents aside though, things are good and I am back to the blogging world. Now, on to “Is NetsSpeak the New Contraction?”

I can remember when I was in school, and I had to write some sort of essay or paper. We were not allowed to use contractions as it was not deemed proper English. As I grew older, the uses of such contractions become less rigid. We had much more freedom over our shouldn’ts and couldn’ts.

Now it seems as though netspeak is the new contraction. U, ur, lol. These are words most people use every day in their texts, emails and chats. They have become symbols of our modern language. They are becoming as universal as yes and no.

At first people looked upon it in abhorrence. I can hear it now “Good Lord can’t people type out Y-O-U?” But, like the contraction, people are relaxing their rules about netspeak. There are differing views on the use of these words. The more traditional view is that our language is going to hell in a hand basket, and that netspeak is an abomination. A more progressive view is that this is the direction in which our language is evolving. They might even argue that netspeak could be considered to grow into a sort of universal language.  Country after country, nation after nation, people can readily identify the meaning behind words such as lol and lmao.

So, where do I stand? While I find lol is very convenient, I rather like typing out y-o-u. I am not wholly comfortable with just a U. It makes me feel stupid actually, as if I have forgotten how to spell versus the idea that I am just saving time by taking out the y and the o. I feel like I am dumbing down my typing. Its not really that much more of an effort to include those extra letters, so  for now I will. One day I may evolve to a place where I use u and ur more frequently, but today is not that day. Today my traditionalist little heart will rebel against modernizing the language that I love –even if I often typo the heck out of it.