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You always hear it said that families should be close and stick together. Personally I think it is a nice ideal and rarely practical. Take my family for instance, I love my family, but I will say that getting together for the holidays is always awkward.

I would say that my (extended) family and I are close enough. I am close with all my aunts, but not so much their children. Its not that I don’t love them, in most cases, I actually do. I am just not that close with them. We have very little in common and we do not get together throughout the year. So, when the holidays come around and you are sort of obligated to see those who share your DNA, it can make for some awkward times.

This Thanksgiving I will be going to Branson, Missouri. We have a timeshare down there and I have family coming in from Texas and from my home state. Plus, a close friend of ours and my cousin’s boyfriend is coming. It should be an interesting time to be sure. I am glad that my mom was able to secure a house for us down there, that will make this experience much better. There won’t be four of us in a cramped hotel room. Plus we will have our own kitchen so we won’t have to eat all of our meals out.

I am crossing my fingers, saying a prayer and hoping for the best. I will say this though, I am not going to tolerate any bit of drama and crap. I am not in the mood. This is a time for us to be thankful for what we do have not being surly about not getting your way. I personally will just be utterly thankful to have this trip go smoothly.