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 Seriously, why can’t people leave their pajamas in the bedroom? Or at least their own house? 

I went to the grocery store today to pick up a few items. While I was there, I ran into countless people I knew, and even more folks who looked like they rolled out of bed. I can’t tell you how many parents were there and they were wearing their pajamas and house slippers. They weren’t getting one or two items, they were getting cartloads. I saw more than one set of children in pajama pants, and it was cold! Why are we pairing pajamas with boots? What example does this set? 

Now I am not a really prissy kind of girl. I follow three simple rules. 1. Be clean 2. Smell good. 3. Wear clothes that fit. 

I love to be clean. I don’t and will never understand people who do not bathe. That to me is gross. I have a couple of different body washes that I love. It’s so lovely to step under warm water and smell that wonderful scent all over your skin. Why on earth would someone say, Gee no thanks, I don’t need to be clean? 

I also love to smell good. In fact, I just went out today and bought a new cologne. It is a rather nice one that I can wear to work. It’s not uber special, but it is nice. I love my colognes. I don’t leave the house without one on, and if I don’t have time, I have one in my purse or I throw one in my purse. I also use scented lotions. I come into contact with people, the least I can do is to smell nice. Plus putting on a special scent makes me feel good. For me a scent can alter my mood. I can feel fun and flirty, or sweet, or warm, or sexy or my favorite, that kind of scent you just get a hint of and want to get a bit closer to just smell one more time. 

Wearing clothes that fit is important. Who wants to see a saggy butt? Who wants to see someone wear a shirt that looks like its buttons are potential projectiles? 

I don’t understand why people don’t dress anymore. All I see is ripped sloppiness. Don’t get me wrong, I love my jeans as much as the next girl, but I like to wear boots not tennis shoes all the time. I feel like people don’t take pride in how they look. I like to look polished, not made up, or over dressed, but polished. I like to do the messy wavy –looks like you just had a bit of a romp — hair but it doesn’t look like woodland creatures have been nesting there for a week. There is a difference.  I don’t like to wear a lot of make up, but I like to look like I have defined features. I don’t like to put on the ritz everyday for work, but I do like to wear earrings and a scarf or brooch to go with my necklace. I don’t wear a lot of rings, mainly just one. Sometimes I will wear two. 

Obama talked of change and of changing our country. Maybe we need to change out of our pajamas first?