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Time again for another music blog! I have been wanting to do one of these for the longest, but it was a matter of finding the right song. That was not so easy. I wanted it to reflect the contemplative moods that I have been feeling. This song Never Let Go, by Josh Groban and Deep Forest has always had a special place with me. I first heard it during a very difficult time in my life. I had just ended a relationship, had a close relative pass on, and was in the midst of my first semester back to school. I also was dealing with some serious spiritual questions. I had begun my chats with God during my commute and I found that this song represented in so many ways how I saw Him.  I have posted the lyrics as well as a video.

I can’t understand it.
The search for an answer is met with a darker day.
And we’ve been handed these moments forever.
But I’m reassured there’s another way.
You don’t have to close your eyes.
There is room for love again.
Ease the pain to realize
All that love can be.
Forced apart by time and sand.
Take a step and take my hand.
And don’t let it go.
Never let go.

Broken, once connected,
We were so strong and so blessed in a simple way.
So don’t let me go it alone.
Turn your head up to the sky.
Nothing down below but me.
Face the truth to realize
All that we could be.
Torn apart by rage and fear.
Hold onto what brought you here.
Don’t let it go.
Never let go.

Turn your head up to the sky.
Nothing down below.
Don’t let go.


 “I can’t understand it. The search for an answer is met with a darker day” This really hit home with me and my spiritual questions.  I kept searching to find the right way for me and I felt like I only became more lost . All I knew was that I had to keep praying and talking with God.

The next portion of the first verse, I felt, could have been God talking to me, saying I didn’t have to close my eyes, (this was helpful as I was usually driving), and telling me that I had room in my heart for love again. I just had to let the pain that I was going through ease so that I could see all that love could be.  God and I spent some time apart, especially when it came to my issues with Jesus. Now though it felt like God was saying to just take that step toward Him and to take His hand and to never let it go.

Broken, once connected, we were so strong and blessed in a simple way. So don’t let me go it alone.” I felt like my relationship with God was broken. How could He love me after all I had been, after all I had done? Our relationship had been strong and blessed, but so much had changed. I had changed.  All I knew was I couldn’t go this new life alone, without Him.

The rest of this song just perfectly sums up God’s response to me. All I needed was to turn my head and He was there. There is nothing below but Him and He  is there to catch me if I fall. I needed to face the truth and realize just all of what my relationship with Him could be. He and I were torn by rage and fear, but all I needed to do was to hold on to my orignal faith that brought be back to Him and to not let go – to never let go.

It was such a comfort to feel like He was 100% there for me. He was above and below and all I needed to do was reach out and take His hand and never let go. That was, and is, such a powerful idea to me. I truly thought that after all the mistakes in life that I had made God would not want to love me again, or allow me to be a part of Him again.


How wrong I was….