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Yes, that is right, lemon pee. I thought when you squeezed the lemons you got lemonade. Nope. I was wrong. For lemonade you must have sugar, and there has been no sugar in my day.  It started out fairly normal. I didn’t want to leave my cozy bed and go out into a blustery morning, but I did. Then I looked in the mirror. Bad move. I swear I think I have furry little woodland creatures who come in and attack my head when I sleep. Surley nothing I do in bed (it’s a twin – no acrobatics here) could cause my hair to look like that! Once I brought out the chair and the whip I managed to get it tamed a bit, and I got dressed and went out the door. Once outside, I discovered a frost filled car. My heart sank. I thought it was going to warm up this week!! Aargh! So I haul out the scraper and eek out an area big enough to see to get to work.

On the way there, I managed to pump myself up a bit. I keep telling myself I was an Alpha Female Warrior and I wasnt going to let thousands of poorly scanned in documents ready for indexing get me down! Heck no! I go in, pumped and ready to take a bite out of bates numbers. I discovered when I got there, the system was down. Well tiddlywinks. (Yes tiddlywinks, lets keep it G here!) So I settled in and made myself at home as much as I could until I could work.

This afternoon went by at an absolute snails pace. In fact, I think the snail past me in the first quarter. His grandbabies passed in walkers at 4:00. I was so anxious to leave! I started playing 50 cent and Enrique Iglesias on my iPod to liven things up. I even played “Baby Got Back”. It’s a good thing the bosses didn’t come in to check on our progress, I might have been in the middle of rockin’ it out Shakira style when they came by.

As it turns out being at home isn’t even sweetening the pitcher. I recently found a full-time job (37.5 hours a week) and I was going over my bills and figuring how much I might earn on my next paycheck.  Mom walks in and when I told her what I was doing, I was promptly regaled with “You need to start looking for a full-time job”. According to her a full-time job is 40 hours with benefits. I explained that now is not the best time to look. I have only been at this job 32 days! I need to learn one job before I start looking at others. When I was applying, most positions wanted 1-2 years experience. I know she wants me to get a job with benefits, I do too, but I also need to have some credibility in my field before I start hopping around. At least let me make it to my first evaluation. Then I was promptly deemed in one of “those moods” and she walked out.

God, grant me the serenity……..