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Its official, I have been a graduate for nearly a year. As I look back on the year I can see that its been a rough time. I have questioned myself, God, my sanity, my intelligence and my overall self-worth.

Last summer was in a nutshell, horrendous. If never repeat it, I will be OK! Then came the fall, and I was employed by an attorney for a short time who wanted not a fresh-off-the-press graduate willing to work for ten dollars an hour, but a candidate for Mission Impossible. (Cue theme music). He wanted a legal secretary, receptionist, and paralegal, and he needed me to know how to do it all yesterday. After two years I didn’t expect to be a $3.33 an hour paralegal.

I worked hard for my education. Long days, longer nights, tons of stress and anxiety, but I did it, and I did it with honors. A feat to be proud of, or so I thought.

I began to reconsider this notion when I began to apply for a job. Suddenly my two-year degree was pittance and what I needed was experience, something my resume was definitely lacking. Of course I can’t get experience unless I get a job and no one wants to hire you without experience.

That is of course unless you have a BA in Legal Studies. (Insert eye roll). So now apparently its ok to be totally inexperienced if I have been schooled. NOTE: I said schooled, not educated.  I have met many with schooling and a far less number who have been educated.

This idea is preposterous. How can I be anymore qualified in a legal setting with more knowledge coming from textbooks? I feel like what I need is more real world experience.

despite this, I am sucking up the debt and going back to school. I have an appointment next Monday to speak with someone at a local university. It will be a strange thing going back to school. I have never really been just a student, and now, I will have that luxury.

All in all, I am excited to be going back. I have missed classes and coursework. I know, I know, I will be regretting this statement 2.5 seconds in, but I do miss it. I miss the discussion, the atmosphere and the learning process. I miss the books and the library – go figure. I have been to this library before, and it is an amazing library.

Hmm, this might not be such a bad deal after all…..